I’m an educated wife, mother and former beauty queen who is an active member of the community and lives in a house with an actual white picket fence.

Behind it all I am a survivor of years of rape, molestation and abuse who engaged in some things I’m not proud of.  I managed to keep this secret life while being in the public eye.  This blog is my chance to share my journey to heal with you.  I hope that you find this blog inspirational and entertaining and thoughtful as well.

As the child of a youth pastor, I grew up having a close relationship with God.  Over the years, trauma and bitterness led me astray.  Like a prodigal daughter I eventually came back and like a a gracious father, God let me.  If you have had similar experiences in your own life, please join me as I will be posting my own experiences and how I made it through.  I will also post devotionals to help you along as you embark on your own journey.  While my identity must remain a secret for now, stay with me on the journey and maybe someday you’ll learn who I really am.

God Bless

Contact Info: secretlifequeen@gmail.com


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