Here’s Your Purpose

“Find what you do well and do a lot of it, recognize what you do poorly and do as little of that as possible.”-Joyce Meyer

Purpose Lifehack.jpg

I was staying at a hotel on a mini-vacation and happened to flip through the channels on the TV and came across Pastor Joyce Meyer delivering a message on gifts.  In the spirit of Christmas,it’s important to note that God’s greatest gift to us is  Christ.  But what about the gifts or talents that have been given to us to use during our lifetime.  Joyce’s message hit a note with me.  I’m the type of person who needs messages like this, I really like messages and quotes that break it all the way down.  No need for all the hyperbole.  Find what you do well and do as much of it as possible.  Is it really this simple?

I’m currently in a time of transition in my own life and it was like a light bulb went off. I think this message could help a lot of people find their purpose.  We each only have a few gifts in life.  Our gifts are a cross section between what we do well and what we like to do.  For instance,  if you enjoy singing but you’re not very good, you know it and so does everyone else, then it’s highly likely this isn’t your purpose. On the flip-side, let’s say you’re great at organizing things and people ask you to organize things all the time.  If it feels like part of your soul dies every time you’re charged with organizing an event or paperwork, then this probably isn’t your purpose either.  And yes, I am using gift and purpose interchangeably because I believe God gives you your gifts in order to aid you in fulfilling your purpose.

In my own life I’ve ignored this principle.  And why did I ignore this principle? For the same reason most of us do.  Money.  I took a flashy high paying position after grad school. The position had me doing technical writing and kept me away from people.  Two big no-nos when it came to my personality and my spirit.  I need human contact and freedom of expression in order to thrive. I knew I wasn’t going to like it and that I should be doing something else.  Why did I take the job? Money, pure and simple.  Guess what. I ended up hating the job so much, I started to have health issues.  I have had so much trauma in my life without having health issues that for me to become so stressed that my body started to revolt against me, meant it was bad, real bad.  I left the position and learned a lesson, always stay true to who you are.  It’s not worth the mental and emotional anguish of selling your soul.


I’m not here to tell you to ignore bills, student loans and retirement funds, but you only get one life.  I truly believe that we are responsible for the gifts that God has entrusted to us and the purpose that he has assigned to us.  Make a getaway plan. Take away all the roadblocks. Make it happen.

Find out what you do well.  Take an honest internal assessment and ask people that you really trust for feedback.  Now, narrow that list down to the things you like to do.  For me I need write creatively and speak publicly and I usually receive good feedback when I write and speak.  I’m a communicator and I love meeting new people. This is my purpose.  What’s yours?


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